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  • Oh u made a comment about vid/ tutorial type stuff that would be really rad.this is ur baby and im almost certain u knowing this project front to back could show off some of the cool shit it can do that i probably have no clue to.cause im retardly r…
  • Oh how to left this out is beyond me, honestly i sit up for hours some nights with just the algorithmic generator and my laptop and kinda feel like im in another world. honestly, because im horrible at math( that's my wife's department im the gramma…
  • One is dedicated to delay for my korg monologue.the other usually as an oscillator in my circuit bending projects.and the lunamod generator is great for sonic warfare with my wife.
  • Delayed response(i know im a tool)man the next programs u speak of sound rad.i need to get a coue more from u pretty soon. I only have two at the moment but I damn near use them everyday. I hope you never stop pushing forward with this project.
  • thanx man...that helps a lot
  • i need to downgrade to 1.5.7?